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Reputation Architecture-RainCamp Atlantic City Day 1

Reputation Architecture is the theme of RainCamp Atlantic City.  Day 1 

When I hear the word architecture I think of beautiful, historic buildings that have stood the test of time. It's the craftsmanship and detailing that awe me.   I think of modern buildings that highlight the details of the vision of the architect, executed so beautifully by all those involved in the project. It is paying close attention to the details, as well as the end result.   No building, no matter how beautiful will stand if the foundation is weak.   

St Patrick's Cathedral New York

Reputation architecture to me is building how others precieve me and my business.  It is paying attention to even the smallest details.  It is standing my "brand" on a strong foundation of ethics, knowledge, professionalism and empathy.  It is surrounding myself with those that align with my beliefs and understanding so that each and every transaction is executed beautifully. 

Word of mouth used to be the only way people knew whether you were true to your word.  Somewhere around 1994 a little thing called the internet was starting to make it's way into the mainstream.  Today, most can't imagine life without it.  Instant information, instant gratification, the good, the bad, the ugly shot out into the ether in miliseconds. 

By the end of today it is estimated that 150 new apps, about 60 thousand blog posts and 200 thousand web sites will be launched.  Some think that means that in the overload of information anything you do probably won't even be noticed.  It is noticed, by someone, some time.  Just stop and think about the careers that have been launched because of a single youtube upload.  Think about the careers that have been destroyed because someone's "friend" posted a picture or video as a joke.

Your reputation is what you make it.  Social media can be a fabulous addition to your marketing plan.  Don't try to be all things to all people.  Even if you never slept or ate, you would never be able to manage all of the social networks that are out there.  Pick one, pick more, but pick something that works for you.  RETAGGER will help you to keep track of the profiles you created. Social Networking is to introduce you, who you are, what you believe, to your network. People don't want to be sold, they do want to buy.  The goal is to have them buy from you!

"If you go on these sites and you just try to sell, you will ashtag fail." Brad Andersohn

Be transparent.  Be careful. 

"Some things that are in your head should NOT be let out.  You have a brand and reputation to protect."  Brad Andersohn

Each and everything you do is a board or a nail or a light fixture in building your reputation.  Will your reputation stand the test of time?  I am confident that mine will as long as I continue to act with ethics, knowledge, professionalism and empathy.

Reputation Architecture-RainCamp Atlantic City Day 1.  More to come! 

Warm Regards,

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Reputation Architecture-RainCamp Atlantic City Day 1
Reputation Architecture is the theme of RainCamp Atlantic City. Day 1 When I hear the word architecture I think of beautiful, historic buildings that have stood the test of time. It's the craftsmanship and detailing that awe me. I think of… more
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