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I bought a house sight unseen!

I bought a house sight unseen!

In the midst of my kitchen renovation, I bought a house sight unseen.  It must have been a great deal because as I wandered through the old rancher seeing the outdated bathrooms (light blue toilet and sink, mismatched and missing wall tiles) and tiny kitchen with one small row of cabinets, I was not sure what I had gotten myself into.  I am in the midst of spending a good deal of money on the brand new cabinets, granite and appliances in the house I already have, what was I thinking?

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I continued through the house, there was still furniture and rugs everywhere.  The previous owner had left furniture stuffed in the master bedroom.  It included 3 beds, all made up and ready for guests and four dressers, making the room seem small and cramped, but upon further investigation, was actually quite spacious!  There didn't appear to be many closets. The next room housed a mahogany 4 poster bed and dressers, really quite beautiful, I had always wanted a four poster bed.  There was an "I Love Lucy" Mural painted on the wall. It looked as if the wall had been painted around the mural, but the mural was left in tact. 

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I must have skipped over the living and dining rooms as I made my way into the basement only to find what seemed to be a loading dock with waves rolling right up under the open wall,  I couldn't figure out what the body of water was behind the house, I would have to investigate further.  More very narrow steps led me to another loading dock type area with no way to get down to the huge washer and dryer hooked up below.  Suddenly behind me, two Spanish speaking women appeared and tried to explain to me how to get to the laundry area.  Apparently they had worked for the previous owner and expected to continue to work for me, the new owner!

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I walked down another stairwell into the basement, a strange area, a mix of modern and ancient!  There were curio cabinets lined up along one entire wall, many over flowing with jewelry, mostly costume, but who knew.

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A mailman came to the basement door, walked in, handed me a stack of mail and proceeded to take 4 small items from a box on top of one of the cabinets.  I was shocked!  I told him he needed to put them back, he wouldn't.  I had no idea what was there, or the value of what he was trying to take. I called the police, they came to the door in what seemed like minutes and began to write a report.




...and that is when I woke up, exhausted from a very vivid dream. My first thought upon waking? Gotta get this in a blog! Anybody want to do an analysis?

I bought a house sight unseen, would you?


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Comment balloon 6 commentsBridget "Mortgage Mama" McGee • April 25 2011 09:13AM


Great dream! I love those vivid dreams! My amateur analysis would indicate that you take risks with hopes of good outcomes but you have fears of hidden problems. 

Posted by Donna Malone, Homes and Property for Sale Nova Scotia (Waterfront, Luxury, Family, Affordable, Cottage, Deals) over 9 years ago

Wow, I have NO idea what that means.. but what a great dream! I have been having quite vivid dreams for about 3 weeks now, which for me has not happened in a very, very long time. Love it!

Posted by Andrea Swiedler, Realtor, Southern Litchfield County CT (Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices New England Properties) over 9 years ago

Bridget, I think you need a vacation!!  Or a spa day!!  A dream like that means you are working too hard.

Posted by June Piper-Brandon, Piecing Dreams One Home at a Time (Houwzer Inc) over 9 years ago

Donna,  Oooohh!  I think you might have a future in dream analysis!

Andrea,  Are you writing them down?  Our subconcious is really good at telling us things we need to know.

June, I am always up for a Spa day! Based on our conversation last week I think you may need one too!  Whenever you are ready, we can schedule it!!



Posted by Bridget "Mortgage Mama" McGee, Maryland Mortgage Mama NMLS#196068 (SWBC Mortgage 410-960-2061) over 9 years ago

Wow, you really had me Bridget and it didn't sound like you to buy a home sight unseen! Dreams are so vivid they feel real - great that you blogged about it - very entertaining to enter into your subconscious mind - lol!

Posted by Kristine Ginsberg, NJ Home Stager (Elite Staging and Redesign, LLC) over 9 years ago

What a nice story.. but seriously I bought a house unseen... Is an investment so I really don't care about the condition of the house, but most important is the location and the amenities it has.. (bedrooms & bath).. I did not see th house until my offcer was accepted.

Posted by Keji Ogunleye, GRI, SFR, KejiYour Realtor (Fairfax Realty, Inc) over 9 years ago