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7 Steps to Writing a Killer Blog Post

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This is great information on writing a killer blog post.  Follow her advice and you will be a better blogger in 7 easy steps!

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7 Steps to Writing a Killer Blog Post

Writing great blog content on a consistent basis can be difficult. Whether you are fighting writers block or want to improve your content; writing a blog post brimming with creativity does not always come easy.

Writing a great blog post involves an understanding of your audience and a commitment to their needs. 

Writing high quality content that keeps your readers engaged and hungry for more is a skill any blogger can master.

Finding your rhythm, tone and voice simply takes time and practice.

How to Write a Killer Blog Post

  1. Do Your Homework

Logic says don't start hiking a 14,000 foot mountain without a little preparation. Likewise, writing a blog post without investigating your topic is a recipe for disaster.

  • Google It! – Google has loads of tools for bloggers from your basic Google search to the Google Keyword Toolbox – a treasure trove of gadgets that will speak to your blogger soul! 
  • Research keywords – Keyword research is incredibly important to the search engine optimization of your site.  With keyword research you determine what your clients are searching for and what terms will receive the most Google juice.   There are many options for keyword research, the most popular being Google’s Keyword Tool. 
  • Link It - Substantiate your findings with links to credible articles. 

  2. Know Your Niche

Provide well thought out, fact supported tips and advice for your readers.  Before you begin to craft content for your blog, it is best to:

  • Determine the "WHY" behind your blog
  • Understand the needs of your target audience and how you will provide a benefit or solution 
  • Identify their motivation and what persuades them to take action

Your next step is to ask yourself:

  • Have I figured out what my niche is and whether there’s a market for it?
  • Can I make money with this niche?
  • Can I provide quality content on a continual basis?
  • Have I researched my competition?  What are they doing well and what can I do better?

  3. Compel and Connect

A great blog post excites the audience, arouses curiosity and creates a compelling reason to come back for more. Connect with your community by drawing them into the conversation.

Encourage readers to contribute and allow them to connect with you across multiple social channels. Make it easy for readers to get involved, be heard and share their knowledge with other blog readers.

  4. Update Your Blog

Writing a great blog post includes tuning up your blog. Make it a part of your routine to regularly check for updates to your blog platform. Neglecting this simple step could slow down your blog or worse, leave you vulnerable to security issues.  

Also make sure that your plugins are updated and that your categories are customized and easy for your readers to navigate.

  5. Take a Stand

There’s nothing worse than reading a blog with a “middle of the road” stance.  Get passionate about your topic and be willing to take the opposing side. 

Are you writing about a hot topic but fear you’ll be crucified due to your position?  Well get over it!  Readers gravitate towards blogs that have a voice and a tone. How can your blog have either one if you never spell out who you are and what you believe in?

  6. Be Authentic

If you are open and honest with your readers, it is very easy to take a stand about what you believe.  Authenticity goes a long way to building loyalty.

If your readers do not feel a connection to you, then quite simply, they are not going to buy what you are selling. Be bold, be brave, be YOU!

  7. Have Fun

There is no use blogging if you are not enjoying it.  Get passionate about your craft and let your readers feel it. Engagement and feedback will add fuel to your creative fire and keep you focused and excited about your blog! 

7 Steps to Writing a Killer Blog Post was written by Rebekah Radice.







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