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Barbie's at the Bottom of the Toy Box

I have a three year old and although she doesn't watch much TV, she is now on a commercial kick.  Everything she sees, she wants. I have told her that she won't be able to watch TV with commercials if she continues to want everything she sees.  I am trying to teach her sharing and that greed isn't pretty.  We talked about it being OK for her to find things that she thinks her friends might like, instead of "wow mommy, I want that for my next birthday".  She now says, "Mommy, come quick, this is something Matt would like!" or "I think Jordan would love this dolly!".  She even finds things for me, we saw a commercial for OxyClean that she just new I would love to use on our laundry....

Political commercials really should take a page from the advertising gurus who are marketing to kids.  I have not heard one commercial for Barbie where they tell you how horrible the Bratz are, how sleazy they dress.  Not a commercial for Giggling Elmo saying that Barney is just a dumb purple dinosaur who's a little pitchy.  All of these commercial show how much fun they are to play with, they extol the virtues of the toy being advertised, they add music and facts (with some artistic license...I mean really, if Barbie was advertised naked, with marker tatoos, at the bottom of  a toy box with her hair out of sorts, who would buy her?)

I wish our politicians would stop telling me all the wrongs that their opponents committed in their voting policies and start showing me what you voted in favor of instead.  Tell me that the reason that you didn't vote for better education policies for our children was because the bill also included funding for....(put your own pork here).  Show me how much fun it would be to play with you, add a catchy tune.  I know that eventually you will end up at the bottom of the toy box, at least make me really want you until I find out, now that you're home and out of the box and you really can't fly! 

Maybe if the politicians would do that, I would know who I am going to vote for on Election Day, or maybe Sydney will decide for me!  She really seems to have a good feel for what others would like!

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Good morning Bridget,

Sounds like your 3 year old is learning a good lesson about sharing!


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